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The Sad Truth of Masonic Swords


The Tyler’s sword is one of the most iconic symbols of our Ancient Craft, and the sword is carried with pride by various appendant bodies within Masonry. But what is the actual history of swords as they were used in the time of Solomon, the Templars, and the founding of the first lodges?  Learn about the role the sword played in human society, and why and how Masonic-specific swords developed in colonial America. Questions are always welcome, and yes, you get to hold the swords.  

Colonial Freemasonry


The Masonic Pubcrawl - Freemasonry in America & it's Colonial Tavern Beginnings-

An examination of Freemasonry as it existed in the days that lead up to America's decree of independence. Exclusive rare documents will blow your mind

Women in Freemasonry


 From its inception, Freemasonry has maintained a strict policy of only admitting men throughout history. However, notable accounts of women being admitted and initiated as Masons under unusual circumstances have been recorded as factual by multiple Grand Lodges. In the modern day, the United Grand Lodge of England officially states that while they do not admit women, female Freemasons exist and are conducting good work. Who are these women Masons? Attend and find out.  

Origin of the Regius Manuscript


Exploring the origin of our oldest Masonic script!

The Rite of Memphis - A History


 This presentation goes through the "who, what and where" of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis. Decadent, scandalous and finally, irregular! This presentation is wonderful for lodges looking for interesting history within the Fraternity. 

Starwars, The Monomyth, and the Masonic Journey


 A wonderful presentation about the Hero's journey, it's history, how it's applied and ultimately how it relates to us as Freemasons. 

Worshipful Brother George: Masonic Influence in George Washington's Rules of Civility


In 1744, George Washington wrote a manual of social rules and etiquette that became his own code of conduct. This lecture will review how these rules impacted Washington's presidency as well as his Masonic life. It will also discuss selected rules in his book and how they can apply to Masons today. 

The "Real Temple" Legend


 An Exploration of the Legend of the Temple of Solomon.  

The Ark & Freemasonry


The legend of the Ark of the Covenant, historical facts, it's relationship to Freemasonry and of course it's occult significance. 

Freemasonry and Ancient China


Exploring the history and symbolism of Freemasonry in Ancient China.

Long Been in Darkness


 In this lecture, we explore the elements of the Chamber of Reflection. We talk about why they aren't in use any longer. We look at our Grand Lodge stance on the topic and figure out just what we can do in order to make the candidate experience even better. 

Fair and Fowl Correspondences


Symbolism Within The Goose & Gridiron - In relation to the founding of the first Grand Loge in England.

30 Minutes

Masons in the Military


A presentation exploring the many facets of Freemasons in the Military and their contributions. 


Mystical Medals: A History of Lodge Regalia, Jewelry, and Pins


An in-depth conversation about how the lodge regalia, jewelry, and pins that Masons wear came about. This lecture will discuss how the symbolism of Masonry translated into the physical regalia and jewels worn in lodge, as well as the fascinating history and development of the ubiquitous Masonic rings and pins that are worn by many brothers.

The Marriage of Masonry and Christianity


Freemasonry has had a long and complex relationship with Christianity, including the York Rite and Knights Templar. This lecture will discuss the religious overtones of Masons and its complicated past with Christians, Catholics, and other religious institutions. 

Masonry and the Civil War


Explores the Civil War from the unique perspective of Freemasonry.

Dr Bucher - Medical Mason


A presentation on Dr. Charles Bucher, the only MD to come out of Batavia, IL who was also a Freemason and was involved in the Civil War. 

Marcellus Jones & the First Shot at Gettysburg


The tale of Marcellus Ephraim Jones who is reported as being the soldier who fired the first shot at the Battle of Gettysburg.

They Know Not What They Do - The Esoteric Freemason's Uninformed Obsession with C.W. Leadbeater


Freemasons and occultists fondly speak of and revere this apparent titan of the mystical. This presentation exposes him for who he was--a monster.  

Adeptus Realist - The Life of a Servant - Paul Foster Case


Many know that Paul Case was a prolific writer and interpreter of the Tarot. His life of service to man goes largely unknown and uncelebrated. Here, we aim to change that. 

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