2019 / 2020 Leadership


Worshipful Master

Worshipful Master

Worshipful Master

Mark H. Welch

Email - WM@Illinoislodgeofresearch.org



Worshipful Master

Worshipful Master

Timothy Longfellow

Email - Secretary@illinoislodgeofresearch.org



Worshipful Master


Barry Weer

Email - Treasurer@illinoislodgeofresearch.org 

Past Worshipful Masters

The Illinois Lodge of Research relies heavily upon our Past Worshipful Masters for guidance, counsel, and ongoing leadership. Perhaps this is one of the greatest benefits available to our current and future lodge officers — the accumulated knowledge and experience these great Masons represent. Here are the Past Worshipful Masters of the Illinois Lodge of Research:

1976-1977: WB Louis L. Williams
1977-1978: WB Homer L. Zumwalt
1978-1979: WB William B. Barnes
1979-1980: WB Hugh A. Cole
1980-1981: WB Dr. Walter Brown
1981-1982: WB Dr. Wayne Temple
1982-1983: WB Dr. Allan Katz
1983-1984: WB George W. Burrow
1984-1985: WB Milton D. Durst
1985-1986: WB Thomas Rigas
1986-1988: MWB Barry D. Weer, MWPGM
1988-1989: WB Gerald Edgar
1989-1990: WB Harold Strouse
1990-1991: WB Ronald K. Blue
1991-1992: WB Robin L. Carr
1992-1993: WB James DeBates
1993-1994: MWB Charles Sullins, WMPGM
1994-1995: WB James Reders, Jr.
1995-1996: WB Robert W. Pierce
1996-1997: WB Russell S. Ende
1997-1998: WB Ronald E. Fullerlove
1998-1999: WB J. Robert Stockner
1999-2000: WB Dr. Steven Greenberg
2000-2001: WB Edward A. Rund
2001-2002: WB Martin Starr
2002-2003: WB Royle Epperson
2003-2004: WB Michael G. Wells
2004-2005: WB Kenneth W. Smith
2005-2006: WB John B. Hall
2006-2007: WB Richard Lozins
2007-2008: WB Emerson Douyon
2008-2009: WB Johnathan Barnes
2009-2010: WB John D. Dorner
2010-2011: WB Jim L. Grimm
2011-2012: WB Paul Scheeler
2012-2013: WB Edward Oliver
2013-2014: WB Richard Carnall
2014-2016: WB Ahmad M. “Andy” Hassan
2016-2018: WB James M. Tome

2018-2020: WB Mark H. Welch

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