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Bio - Brother Guide Sobecki is a public relations specialist and ghostwriter for the national association of neurosurgeons. A notably busy Freemason since he was initiated while in college, his other passions include Western Martial Arts and historical studies. He is the Junior Warden of Rose Croix with the Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago, and Deputy Governor of Illinois York Rite College #15. He has been featured as a writer in the NMJ Scottish Rite Magazine, the Midnight Freemasons blog, and Whence Came You podcast.  

Travel - For weekday night events, I can travel within an hour and a half of Schaumburg. For weekend events, more flexible if planned ahead. For events requiring extensive travel, contributions towards lower budget lodging are appreciated.   He is open to speaking in Craft Lodges, York Rite bodies, Scottish Rite events, Demolay chapters, and events open to families and the public.   

He can be contacted by emailing him direct at:

Email -  guidesobecki@gmail.com 


Lectures and Talks

The Sad Truth of Masonic Swords

The Sad Truth of Masonic Swords

The Sad Truth of Masonic Swords


 The Tyler’s sword is one of the most iconic symbols of our Ancient Craft, and the sword is carried with pride by various appendant bodies within Masonry. But what is the actual history of swords as they were used in the time of Solomon, the Templars, and the founding of the first lodges? Brother Guide Sobecki is an internationally traveled martial artist, with a black belt ranking in full-contact historical sword combat. Learn about the role the sword played in human society, and why and how Masonic-specific swords developed in colonial America. Questions are always welcome, and yes, you get to hold the swords.  

15 Minutes

Women in Freemasonry

The Sad Truth of Masonic Swords

The Sad Truth of Masonic Swords


 From its inception, Freemasonry has maintained a strict policy of only admitting men throughout history. However, notable accounts of women being admitted and initiated as Masons under unusual circumstances have been recorded as factual by multiple Grand Lodges. Clandestine organizations that have broken away from regular Masonry have admitted women for centuries, in a variety of approaches and cultures. In the modern day, the United Grand Lodge of England officially states that while they do not admit women, female Freemasons exist and are conducting good work. Who are these women Masons? Attend and find out.   

25 Minutes