Joining the illinois lodge of research

Additional Information

Since its inception, the ILOR has endeavored to nurture an appreciation for Masonic research and scholarship, with many important papers published in Transactions. Today, the ILOR continues to support historical and scholarly research in Illinois Freemasonry and the Craft in general.

Membership in the Illinois Lodge of Research is open to all Master Masons who are in good standing in a regular Masonic Lodge. Although the Illinois Lodge of Research is a state-wide lodge, it neither confers degrees nor competes with regular Masonic Lodges. Master Masons do not have to demit from their regular Masonic Lodge to join the Illinois Lodge of Research. Also eligible to join are regularly constituted Masonic Lodges, libraries, and related bodies.

Dues for membership are $10 per year, $19 for two years, or $200 for a lifetime membership. You will be billed via email for each year dues are required and payment is expected prior to the next Annual Meeting.

You may download a PDF of the petition for membership in the Illinois Lodge of Research by clicking here. We also now have available our new Illinois Lodge of Research combination brochure and petition. Download it by clicking here. Please return it via USPS Mail to our Lodge Secretary at:

Illinois Lodge of Research
P.O. Box 44
Bloomington, Illinois  61702

You may also email your completed application as a PDF to our Lodge Secretary ( Please follow up with payment via a cash, check, or money order to the post office box noted above. We are currently working on an electronic payment system for annual dues.

Welcome, Brother!