Symbolism & Esoterica LECTURES & TALKS BY NAME

Esoterics 101


 Designed to be a beginning look into the deeper mysteries of Freemasonry. Ideal for a lodge that needs exposure to the concept of "esoteric Masonry". Schools of wisdom, hidden symbolism and hints at an ultimate Revelation are explored. 

Starwars, The Monomyth, and the Masonic Journey


A wonderful presentation about the Hero's journey, it's history, how it's applied and ultimately how it relates to us as Freemasons. 

The Tetragrammaton


 This lecture explores the entire concept of the Lost Word. What it is, the divine secret, it's history in countless religions and dares to bridge the gap between myth and science. In this lecture we begin to dive into the world of quantum physics where we find a key to the Lost Word and finally another key to the Revelation. 

How to Subdue a Passion – 1°


A great presentation for all. Specifically takes aim at the 1st degree in Masonry. 

Quantum Entanglement & Apotheosis


This fun and intriguing exploration defines cultural and religious ideas of life and death, examines the science behind the world we live in and what we perceive as reality. Myths, dogma, mathematical theory and proven science converge, giving the audience proof positive through Aristotelian method, of infinite consciousness, life after death, and even manifesting reality. By the end of this lecture, you'll have no doubt of how to achieve immortality in the truest sense.


Memento Mori


 How taking time to meditate helps reinforce the ultimate lesson of the 3rd degree. 

The "Real Temple Legend


 An Exploration of the Legend of the Temple of Solomon. 

Square and Circle


A Sacred Geometry Primer 



A Primer 

The Ark & freemasonry


 I'll explore the legend of the Ark of the Covenant, historical facts, it's relationship to Freemasonry and of course it's occult significance. 

Harry Potter & Freemasonry


 Exploring the symbols of the Harry Potter universe and how they relate to Freemasonry.  

The Secret Meaning of the Symbols of Scouting and Freemasonry


How the Fleur De Lis used by scouting relates to symbols in Freemasonry. 

Reading the Book of 52


Symbolism in Playing Cards -  Can be adjusted anywhere from a 30 minute overview to a multi part presentation of four 60 minute sections 

The Tarot: Correspondences


Symbolism & Esoterica; can be adjusted and tailored into short overview sections or longer lectures covering a variety of focuses including history, archetypes, artwork & symbolism, major arcana or select major arcana, minor arcana or select minor arcana, music, etc.  Let's discuss the intended audience and what would be a good fit. 

Symbolism in the Great Seal of the United States


This presentation will examine the symbolism in the Great Seal of the United States, as well as other symbols in our nation. There will be a discussion of the other symbols and emblems of the United States and Masonic influences on them.

They Know Not What They Do - The Esoteric Freemason's Uninformed Obsession with C.W. Leadbeater


Freemasons and occultists fondly speak of and revere this apparent titan of the mystical. This presentation exposes him for who he was--a monster.  

Adeptus Realist - Life of a Servant - Paul Foster Case


Many know that Paul Case was a prolific writer and interpreter of the Tarot. His life of service to man goes largely unknown and uncelebrated. Here, we aim to change that. 

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