Ritual & Literature Lectures & Talks by Name

Masonic Justice


 A detailed historical investigation of the world which produced our ritual and what was likely meant by the term, "justice" by the authors of our ritual. 

Finding Truth


 In this one, a focus on what you need to do to establish yourself as an authority in Masonic writing. Pitfalls to avoid. How to stop critiques before they happen. 

Literature & Enlightenment


Appropriate for all Fellowcrafts and above. 

The Work and Workplace of a Mason


 Appropriate for all degrees.  

Freemasonry & Technology


 This lecture teaches lodges what's needed and what's seen as important in the 21st century in Freemasonry. How to connect, how to be seen, how to be discovered and staying relevant in the digital world. Optional work shops on social media, web site creation etc can be scheduled. 

Little Free Libraries and Lodges: Building Community Literacy Projects


This lecture includes a discussion of the Little Free Library project, a non-profit organization committed to bringing little libraries to build literacy in communities. The project will be tied into what lodges can do to build and foster community through these little libraries and how they can serve as community service projects, working with other community organizations like schools, Boy Scouts, churches, etc.

What Masonry Offers


 An in depth look at the gaps in society that Masonry fills, specifically Rites of Passage and Mentorship. This includes an analysis of the experience, views, and needs of the Millennial generation.

How Freemasonry Ruined My Life


 Appropriate for all degrees. An Inspirational talk.  

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