About the illinois lodge of research

Like all of the other Masonic Lodges in Illinois, the Illinois Lodge of Research has a purpose, structure, and order of business. We hold meetings, accept new members, and recognize the wonderful and beneficial accomplishments and contributions of our members. One difference, however, is that the Illinois Lodge of Research does not confer Masonic degrees. We are purely a Masonic education-driven lodge.

What is the Illinois Lodge of Research?
Want to find out how the Illinois Lodge of Research began? What its purpose is? What it takes to become a member? Click Here to have many of your questions answered.

Annual Transaction
It’s an odd name for a publication, but our Annual Transaction contains all of the submitted, accepted, and chosen articles that were collected in the Masonic year prior to editing and publication. It also contains our annual meeting minutes. Learn more Here.

Illinois Masonic Research Library
Located at the Normal Masonic Temple, one charge of the Illinois Lodge of Research is to promote and assist Illinois’ premiere Masonic research library. Learn more about the Library Here.

Torok Foundation
Behind the Illinois Lodge of Research sits the Torok Foundation, founded as a support organization for the lodge and to champion other aspects of Masonic education in Illinois. Get the details Here

Award Winners
The Illinois Lodge of Research actively recognizes contributors to Masonic education. In fact, we have various awards. levels of activity, and designations. Take a Look