Just for Members of the illinois lodge of research

Being a member of the Illinois Lodge of Research gives you certain benefits, advantages, and special opportunities that non-members don’t have. Becoming a member of our lodge is easy! And it doesn’t mean that you have to demit from your “home” lodge. Interested in joining Illinois’ only Lodge of Research? Find out more Here.

Member Benefits
Members of the Illinois Lodge of Reseach enjoy certain benefits. Click Here to find out more and see if the minimal cost to join and maintain your membership in our lodge is worth it. We think you’ll agree that it is.

Call for Research Paper Submissions
Every year, the Illinois Lodge of Research publishes its Annual Transactions. It’s something we’ve done from our beginning in 1976 (yes, we have 20+ years of Masonic education — talk about a valuable member benefit for you and your lodge). 

General Guidelines
While we’re refining the details of our guidelines for submitting a research paper or presentation — as well as determining an exact style guideline — we do have some general guidelines available for anyone considering submission of a research paper. Click Here to learn more.