Committed to the principle that an informed Mason is a better Mason, the Illinois Lodge of Research encourages members to study subjects connected with the Craft and offers opportunities to share research with other lodge members and our brethren in general.

Awards & Winners

Several awards are presented periodically in recognition of substantial achievements and contributions, including:

Active Award
Active membership can be granted by a majority vote of the membership at the annual meeting on any member who has submitted at least three articles, papers or lectures to the annual transactions. Members that have been designated Actives are:

1976 (Charter):Louis L. WilliamsHomer L. Zumwelt
William B. BarnesHugh A. Cole
Samuel K. ZippAlphone Cerza
1976:Dr. Wayne TempleRaymond H. Bachman
Oswell G. TreadwayDr. Steven Greenberg
Dr. Ridell A. KelseyDavid A. Laske
Donald F. MessethFrank F. Burrow
Dr. William R. DeutschN. Tracy Walker
Irvin UphoffNorman R. Buecker
1978:Dr. Walter BrownMoler A. Duff
1981:Lawrence D. InglisF. Gene Ross
Dr. Allen KatzArthur F. Rigas
Thomas F. RigasJames A. Ruzicka, Sr.
1986:J. Robert StocknerMason Carruthers
Gerald A. EdgarJoseph S. Crociara
1993:Dr. Russell EndeHarry D. Strouse
Guy P. Vance
1994:Mike LosaccoCharles Sullins
Michael G. Wells
2001:Roger HeiderJohnathan Barnes
2002:Martin Starr
2003:George Smith
2004:Jim Tresner
2006:John D. DornerPaul Scheeler
Edward I. OliverRichard Lozins
2008:Dan Leifel
2011:Ira S. GilbertJim L. Grimm
2017:James M. TomeHilton Kaufman

Fellow Award
Fellows are chosen from Actives and should be active members who have published at least seven articles, papers or lectures in the annual transactions. The quality of the submissions should be considered. The Fellows are also voted on at the annual meeting by a majority vote of the membership. Members that have been designated Fellows are:

1978:Alphonse Cerza
1993:Homer L. ZumweltRobert C. Barnard
Ronald K. BlueDr. Walter Brown
Robin L. CarrHugh A. Cole
Dr. Steven GreenbergWayne Temple
James DeBates
2005:Kenneth W. Smith
2006:Johnathan Barnes
2013:Ira GilbertMartin P. Starr
Jim L. GrimmEdward I. Oliver
Edward A. RundMartin Patrick Starr

Torok Award
For furthering Illinois Lodge of Research mission and goals via exemplary or long-term service to the organization. Qualifications include:

  • The contribution must further the mission of the Illinois Lodge of Research.
  • Recognition for long-term service to the organization.

Exemplary service for a short term, which has furthered the goals of the Illinois Lodge of Research. Membership in the Illinois Lodge of Research is not required for nomination. An Illinois Lodge of Research member must submit the nomination. Nominations are due by July 1 of each year to allow for committee consideration. It is not the intent to present an annual award, but rather a merit-based honor. The Torok award committee will determine when the award will be presented. The award, when given, will be announced at the annual meeting of the Illinois Lodge of Research. Past winners of the Torok Medal are:

1998: Mike Wells1999: Janet Blue
2000: Robin Carr2004: Edward A. Rund
2005: Ronald K. Blue2008: Jim L. Grimm
2009: John D. Dorner2011: Edward I. Oliver
2012: Ira S. Gilbert

Cerza Award
The purpose of the medal was to honor our deceased co-founder, Alphonse Cerza. It was to honor a writer, lecturer or person who otherwise added to the prestige of the Illinois Lodge of Research. The first such medal was to be given to our other co-founder Louis L. Williams, but upon his death, the committee chose to honor another rather than giving the award posthumously. Since that time, the award has been given posthumously on at least one occasion.

The award will only be made when a suitable recipient comes to the attention of the award committee appointed by the Worshipful Master, in consultation with the Wardens, of the lodge, but not any more frequently than once per year.

Nominations, by any member should include the name in full of the nominee, his Masonic Lodge name, number and location, the nominee’s address in full, and a biographical outline of the nominee’s fraternal, vocational, literary and family information Samples of the nominee’s literary contributions, a photograph and comments which may have prompted his nomination would be greatly helpful to the committee in reaching its selection.

The Nominee ought to be one who contributes of his mind and skill commendably and effectively to the bulk of fraternal literature through books, booklets, manuals, artwork, publishing, printing, reviewing, researching, authoring, teaching, editing, distributing, indexing, compiling, cataloging, as well as serving in a librarian- type capacity.

Effort should be directed to avoid limitations and consider the varied manners in which one may be considered a contributor deserving of receiving recognition as a recipient of the Award. However, for trivial and minor contributions to be awarded the merit and esteem of the Award would be diminished. Alphonse Cerza’s personal contributions in so many literary avenues serving our fraternity are the ultimate criteria upon which the Committee ought to base its selection of recipients.

Past winners of the Cerza Medal are:

1990: Homer Zumwalt1991: Robin Carr
1992: Hugh A. Cole1993: Wayne Temple
1994: Dr. Stephen Greenberg1995: Robert Barnard
1996: Dr. Walter Brown1997: Ronald K. Blue
1998: Harold Spellman1999: Harry Strouse
2000: Edward A. Rund2001: Michael Wells
2004: John B. Hall2011: Paul A Scheeler
2012: Martin Patrick Starr

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